This is a summery of the Interview with an original Aboriginal Man called Koodah


First, he welcomed me to his country. He showed me, how they make fire with wood.

He painted my face with chalk and water. I was allowed to take a photograph of him.

Once again, I was very pleased that I could ask him some questions about Aboriginal culture.

It was a great experience for me.



His Aboriginal name is KOODAH and this means “brother” or just a friend.

He was born in Wagin WA. He speaks the “Noongar” language which is one of many dialects in Western Australia.

He told me, if they could live their own traditional life, the lifespan would be longer than now, because they now eat Western food.

Normally, they would eat all parts of the plants under the earth and the nuts on the trees.

The important tree for the Aboriginal people is the grass-tree. They use the whole tree.

They are able to make fire and they built their houses, (“mia mia”) covered with grass from this tree. Inside this tree, there is nectar,

which smells like coconut. Finally, wooden spears are also made from this tree.


The clothes are called “Booka”, which are usually made by them selves (kangaroo-fur).


The traditional Aboriginal music instrument, of course is the wooden didgeridoo. But Koodah says this is used more in Central Australia.

Here in Western Australia they played with “tap sticks” (for women) and with the Boomerang (for Men).


The family structure is very strong.

The oldest decided the important things. The mother teaches the girls, the father teaches the boys their traditions.

He couldn’t tell me about the use of medicine, because this is made only by women and they keep it secret.

There are also rituals about weddings, and births. The oldest decided and arranged the wedding.


Criminal offences are punished first by the Aboriginal people (the oldest in the group) and after they give the offender to the Australian Law.Finally

I asked him a difficult question about the Australian settlement in his country.

Of course, there were many things we could talk about, but he says; you know, however,

time has changed and we are all people on the earth, black or white.